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Energy Efficiency

Experience the Future at the All Electric Society Park

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

The All Electric Society Park represents the sustainable use of resources and thus provides an example for the realization of the All Electric Society. The centerpiece is a freely accessible park that makes the future vision of the All Electric Society tangible for everyone and explains it in an understandable way. The park has been open to visitors free of charge since September 2023. Using the flow of energy – from generation, through conversion, storage, and distribution, right through to its optimized use – the park demonstrates how the All Electric Society can become a reality. Real applications show how sector coupling works and which technologies facilitate it. The park is a scaled-down reflection of the real world. Cubes made of glass for each application, open-field systems, and a pavilion with a control room and meeting rooms are all part of the exhibition areas of the park. The park conveys a holistic image of how to consume resources sparingly by using existing technologies. Click here to get extensive information.

Source: Phoenix Contact

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