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Furnace Tracking System for Demanding Heat Treat Applications

Furnace Tracking System for Demanding Heat Treat Applications

Fluke Process Instruments, one of the global leader in infrared imaging and thermal profiling solutions for industrial applications, releases a new Datapaq Furnace Tracker System – complete with the TP6 data logger, thermal barriers and intuitive software.

The Datapaq Furnace Tracker System is designed to be used repeatedly, in-process in hostile manufacturing environments and should provide accurate and reliable through-process temperature surveys. The system can help users improve process performance, decrease downtime, reduce temperature uniformity survey (TUS) reporting times and more.

The Datapaq TP6 Data Logger features a 316-grade, stainless-steel case and a IP67 rating, making it water resistant. The latest thermal barrier models are for high-temperature heat treat processes and have been designed to provide high thermal protection – including applications such as vacuum and controlled atmosphere, slab reheat and solution aging, among others. The new patented quenchable thermal barriers eliminate the need for fiber blankets. To complete the system, Fluke Process Instruments offers the Datapaq Insight Software which transforms raw data into actionable analytics, clear user interface, context sensitive help screens and assistance options for infrequent users.


Source: Fluke

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