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Gently Handling Conveying System

Gently Handling Conveying System

The SSI Schaefer pouch sorter is a intralogistics application designed for modern e-commerce requirements. The overhead conveyor system ensures gentle transport of goods in pouches.

One single load carrier enables the conveying, buffering, sorting and sequencing of flat and hanging goods in one system, while simultaneously achieving high throughput. The automated sorting solution brings customer orders to packing stations in the desired sequence regardless of the order size and ensures effective returns handling. The SSI Carrier requires little floor space, ensures high storage density, and offers flexible system expansion through a modular, customizable design. The driven accumulation conveyors ensures a gentle transport of the goods in pouches. This prevents the pouches from colliding with each other, which usually occurs on gravity based declining conveyors. This is key for handling sensitive products and packages, for example in the Healthcare & Cosmetics industry.


Source: SSI Schaefer

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