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Multiturn Encoders From Posital for Micro Motors

Multiturn Encoders From Posital for Micro Motors

The Posital’s 22 mm multiturn kit encoders clear the way to new possibilities for miniature motors and drives. While motion feedback devices for small motors have previously been limited to single-turn or incremental encoders, the compact kit encoders from Posital now provide full multiturn measurement capabilities – without any need for backup batteries.

The rotation counter system is entirely self-powered so that in the event of a power failure or control system outage, the encoder’s counter circuits remain operational, maintaining a full record of any rotations that the motor drive shaft experiences. Once power is restored, the motor’s complete rotary position, including rotation count, is forwarded to the central controller. This eliminates the need – typical of systems with incremental encoders – to return the machine to a known reference state and re-start rotation counts. Doing away with this time-consuming procedure improves process security, increases efficiency, and lowers operating costs.

“Until now, there haven’t been multiturn encoders designed specifically for small-diameter motors” remarks Christian Fell, head of Posital’s North American business. “Our compact units (22 mm diameter, 23 mm height) fill this gap, providing a versatile solution for miniature motors.”


Source: Posital – Fraba

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