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PI strategy for Industry 4.0

PI strategy for Industry 4.0

The classic communication landscape consists of cyclic data exchange between controllers and field devices, as well as data exchange for parameter setting, monitoring and diagnostics of the field devices. In the meantime, though, new vertical information channels with a large amount of data are being added more and more frequently.

Standardized, open information models help to structure large data volumes and add additional descriptions to a variable here. For information modeling, PI (Profibus &Profinet International) is committed to using OPC UA technology, which is widespread today. A new white paper entitled “Information models” describes their role within PI technologies and points out the path to implementation of Industry 4.0 applications.

Industrial communication, especially Profinet and IO-Link, meets all the requirements for vertical communication. It therefore makes sense to integrate the information models into PI technologies in such a way that seamless further development of the existing device technology is enabled. This has to happen in such a way that vertical communication doesn’t affect control tasks and that it’s equipped with the necessary IT security measures.

A newly released white paper describes how implementation of information models works in practice, the role played by PI technology there and future areas of focus.The white paper is available for download for free in both German and English at

Source: PNO

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