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Process orchestration of modular plants

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

Since 2010, concepts for the modular plant have been developed based on a uniform description of modules, so-called PEAs (Process Equipment Assembly). While the individual PEAs are autonomously automated, their interaction in production must be “orchestrated”.
The Namur working group 2.4.1 “Process Orchestration” merged with the working group 2.3.1 “Batch Control” in 2019. In three years, the requirements for the orchestration of PEAs were compiled. This has resulted in the present recommendation NE 187. The aim of this guideline is to describe the requirements for processor orchestration of modular production plants.
The following points are explained in more detail:
• Processor orchestration in the life cycle of a modular plant
• Functional requirements for POL
• Life cycle and management of PEA in the POL
• Status models of the POL
• Use cases for the modular process plant
Note: Requirements for the pharmaceutical environment for POL and PEA are described in Namur recommendation 185 “Requirements for the qualification of the PCT of modular plants in the GMP environment”.

Text: Namur
Picture: sdecoret – stock.adobe.com


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