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Three Strategic Acquisitions

Process Sensing Technologies Is Expanding Its Portfolio

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


Process Sensing Technologies (PST) is expanding its market position by successfully completing three strategic company acquisitions

Process Sensing Technologies (PST) is expanding its market position by successfully completing three strategic company acquisitions: The companies SensoScientific Inc, Fluid Components International (FCI) and Sensore Electronic expand the range of technologies and services and create considerable synergies.

Expansion into IoT-based monitoring with SensoScientific Inc.

The acquisition of SensoScientific, marks a significant step for PST in the healthcare and life sciences industry. With an outstanding reputation in the development of wireless temperature monitoring systems that meet stringent environmental control standards, SensoScientific will strengthen PST’s offering of innovative monitoring tools and cloud-based technologies.

Entry into the flow measurement market with Fluid Components International

With the integration of FCI, a renowned manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters and switches, PST enters the flow meter sector. FCI’s technology, known for its measurement accuracy, expands PST’s product range and measurement capabilities, allowing the company to offer even more comprehensive solutions to its customers in various demanding industries such as chemical, oil and gas, energy and more.

Expansion of the sensor portfolio with Sensore Electronic

The acquisition of Sensore Electronic , a specialized manufacturer of zirconia oxygen sensors, strengthens PST’s position in the development and manufacture of high performance sensors. Sensore’s sensors give PST access to new OEM applications and expand its existing capabilities in the field of oxygen measurement.

Shared vision and future-oriented strategy

Adam Markin, CEO of PST, commented on these significant developments: “The acquisitions of SensoScientific, FCI and Sensore are game-changers for the future of PST. Each of these companies brings unique expertise and technological innovation that will enrich our portfolio and strengthen our position as a market leader in measurement and monitoring technology. We are excited about the synergies resulting from these acquisitions and look forward to offering even more comprehensive solutions to our customers.”

The founders and leadership teams of SensoScientific, FCI and Sensore will play a central role in integrating their technologies and expertise into the PST Group.

Source: PST

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