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Reliable and Compact Level Monitoring

Reliable and Compact Level Monitoring

The Jumo Zelos C01 LS capacitive level detector identifies the level of liquids and solids. This device can also be used in pressurized tanks or pipes. In an industrial environment, it shows its advantages in applications with requirements for overflow and dry-running protection or for media detection.

Jumo Zelos C01 LS can be used in liquids or bulk solids with temperatures between -40 and +200 °C. Thanks to the auto-calibration feature, point level measurement is detected reliably and with long-term stability. In addition, after configuration, the two switching outputs can automatically distinguish safely between measurement medium and cleaning media or foam. Even adhesions do not present a problem for the reliable sensor. The product design contributes to miniaturization in sensor technology so that compact systems can be implemented. Mounting is easily achieved with a standard torque wrench. Since the seal to the medium goes through the sensor tip, no separate seal is required, thereby eliminating the possibility of a mix-up.


Source: Jumo

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