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Versatile, and easy to transport: these are the key features of the smallest models in the e-power portable compressor range, the Mobilair M10E and M13E

Powerful, lightweight, quiet, versatile, and easy to transport: these are the key features of the smallest models in the e-power portable compressor range, the Mobilair M10E and M13E. Together with the Purpac F16 support frame, which includes a compressed air aftercooler and filter combination for the 1m³ class, users can even take advantage of technically oil-free compressed air.

With an air delivery volume of 1.2 m³ per minute at 7 bar, the Mobilair 13E portable compressor is able to power pneumatic hammers, saws, sewer robots, or even impact moles. Moreover, the Mobilair 13 is also available in 10-, 12-, and 13-bar pressure variants, which – depending on the pressure level – are perfect for applications ranging from traditional hammer operations, blasting work, and cable blowing, to even serving as a temporary replacement in compressor rooms.

For construction sites without a power supply, then the petrol-powered M13 and M17 model variants are the ideal choice and naturally comply with Emission Stage V standards.

All models are equipped with a corrosion-resistant soundproof enclosure made from rotation-sintered polyethylene, making them exceptionally quiet and highly durable.

Since these compressors are so compact and lightweight, they can be easily transported in any delivery vehicle, or on the loading floor of a truck or pick-up, leaving the vehicle’s towing hitch free for other transportation uses.

In addition, the compressors can be equipped with an external compressed air aftercooler for certain applications that may require cool and condensate-free compressed air. The aftercooler is installed in a support frame equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, condensate return and electrical power (12 V supply from the compressor) to drive the aftercooler fan. Accumulating condensate is collected in a canister within the compressor, allowing for professional disposal. In petrol-powered systems, the condensate is evaporated via the hot engine exhaust gases. The support frame in the Purpac A16 version includes a compressed air aftercooler, and as Purpac F16, it also includes a microfilter combination for technically oil-free compressed air.

The M10E and  M13E are also especially user-friendly when it comes to maintenance and handling: manoeuvrability on the construction site is made simple thanks to the long handle, rugged wheels with pneumatic tyres, four convenient lifting-lugs and a counter-sunk crane eye. Last but not least, all maintenance points are easily accessible thanks to the wide-opening sound enclosure.

Source: Kaeser

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