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Hydrogen Production

Switch Mode Power Supply

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


CG Drives & Automation announces the launch of its modular Switch Mode Power Supply converters designed for hydrogen production and fuel cell applications

CG Drives & Automation announces the launch of its modular Switch Mode Power Supply converters designed for hydrogen production and fuel cell applications featuring very low grid harmonics and great adaptability.

Unparalleled flexibility for Hydrogen Production Systems

Emotron Modular Converters will seamlessly adjust to the evolving needs of your hydrogen production and storage system while maintaining efficiency and the highest Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) standards. The high-efficiency Active Front End (AFE) converters, a hallmark of Emotron technology, also boast an impressive short-circuit capability. They can accommodate significant voltage fluctuations eliminating the need for power factor correction.

Comprehensive solutions including Rectifiers and DC-DC Units

Emotron’s AFE converters double as AC/DC rectifiers, effortlessly managing DC loads in hydrogen production environments. When coupled with the Emotron DCU (DC-DC converter unit) overseeing voltage and current, users gain access to a complete solution tailor-made to enhance efficiency in the hydrogen production ecosystem.

Bidirectional Power Capabilities

Offering exceptional flexibility in energy conversion, Emotron’s DCU also facilitates bidirectional power flow, allowing power to run in both directions. Emotron converters support demanding fuel cell applications and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Modular Design for Customized Solutions

Emotron’s modular converters feature a unique modular design, providing a redundancy advantage over similar solutions in the market. This design enhances uptime and ensures operational efficiency. The inclusion of a quiet rail filter addresses common mode issues, eliminating harmful disturbances. Emotron’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable energy solutions positions its modular converters as a transformative choice for industries seeking advanced energy storage solutions with low grid harmonics.

Source: CG Drives & Automation (Emotron)

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