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Tandem Lifting System for Heavy Lift Operations

Tandem Lifting System for Heavy Lift Operations

The Liebherr Sycratronic tandem lifting system is used in the growing onshore and offshore wind industry. Liebherr mobile harbour cranes equipped with Sycratronic are increasingly being used for long and heavy components such as rotor blades or turbines. Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port updated its mobile harbour crane fleet and opted for the Sycratronic assistance system. The port authority has also recently started using two new LHM 550 and LHM 600 mobile harbour cranes for an offshore wind farm under construction off the French coast.

The Sycratronic system improves the safety of tandem operation and makes it easier for terminal operators to increase their lifting capacities when combining two Liebherr mobile harbour cranes. While the system is developed to improve crane operations in all heavy-lift sectors, it is particularly useful in the on- and offshore wind industry where long components like rotor blades and heavy parts like wind turbines have become the norm.

Increased safety with full utilisation of the cranes

Sycratronic allows the crane driver to fully utilise the load curve of the cranes. Often, during tandem lifts, lifting capacity can be restricted by regulations to 75%. Sycratronic overcomes this, allowing the two cranes to be treated as one, and so the usable lift capacity of each crane can increase by 25%, a huge advantage. The system system monitors possible shifts of the center of gravity of the load and automatically corrects to ensure the best stability. The advantage is the elimination of human communication errors between two crane operators, which can result in accidents, especially during tandem lift operations, says Liebherr.


Source: Liebherr

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