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Technology Driver as a Strategic Target

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

When Oskar Lapp invented the first industrial control cables almost 70 years ago, he named it Ölflex and revolutionised connectivity technology. With his technical talent, inventiveness, and reliable feel for the demands of the market, he was the pioneer of Lapp’s future. In order to ensure sustainable success over the coming decades, Lapp will be positioning itself even more so as a technology driver in future.

Specialisation in selected growth sectors such as renewable energies, intralogistics, automation technology, food & beverage and electric mobility will be the focus of Lapp’s innovation efforts. Here, the company aims to offer the most promising markets a complete and modern portfolio. For the innovation process, this means that the Lapp team has a holistic understanding of the needs of the target industries. At the same time, a new and modern kind of innovation management is required. This is why the company has redefined and invested heavily in its global research and development and the management of laboratory and test centre activities. For example, Lapp has once again succeeded in tackling economic and industrial trends by means of innovations. Service innovations are another focus. In recent years, Lapp has already begun to think about product-related solutions and services. The aim is to offer added value beyond the product in order to differentiate it and generate new business. In order to remain a technology driver and trendsetter in terms of service in the future, the company has initiated a fundamental cultural change within the company. The aim is to firmly anchor technology and innovation as a basic attitude among employees.

Picture: Matthias Lapp, Chairman of the Board of Lapp Holding SE

Source: Lapp

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