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Wibu-Systems Wins German Innovation Award 2021

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


The German Innovation Award 2021 goes to Wibu-Systems for its new CmCloud Containers. With this award, the German Design Council honors the innovative contribution of the company.

The German Innovation Award 2021 goes to Wibu-Systems for its new CmCloudContainers. Presented every year by the German Design Council, the award is given to forward-thinking enterprises for the added value and benefits that they contribute to people’s lives through innovative products and technologies.

CmCloudContainers are the third and latest member of the CodeMeter license container family. Joining hardware CmDongles and software CmActLicenses, these fully cloud-based containers complete the lineup for today’s increasingly connected, mobile, and intangible digital world. Every container type has use cases that it is uniquely suited for: CmDongles, with their on-board smart card chips, are mobile and secure vessels for the license keys; CmActLicenses are an easy solution from a logistical standpoint; and CmCloudContainers are suitable when freedom is paramount for users. Without the risk of losing them or being bound to a specific endpoint, CmCloudContainers provide users with free access to their software anytime and anywhere, as long as they can connect to the cloud.

Source: Wibu-Systems

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