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7-Axis Cobots for Welding

7-Axis Cobots for Welding

Merkle Schweissanlagen-Technik will use 7-axis cobots from the Copenhagen-based cobot company Kassow Robots as standard in its WeldROB complete robot welding systems from now on. The seven individually controllable axes allow a high flexibility. The movements of the cobots from Kassow Robots are very close to the movements of human arms, especially since the 7th axis allows the robot arms to also reach around corners. This makes it possible, among other things, to exactly follow predefined paths while maintaining the specified speed and without setting down.

All cobots from Kassow Robots also have three ports with various I/Os and power supply signals as well as an Ethernet interface installed as standard on the toolhead. In addition, the free drive button allows completely new freedom when programming waypoints. The welding robots can be set up and integrated into the work process within a few hours, without special electrical installation, instead with simple plug & play accessories. The use of the WeldROB 7 system is not limited to short longitudinal welds. With the new WeldROB 7, simple welding processes such as circular and longitudinal welds, but also complex contours and segments can be programmed and automatically welded in just a few minutes.

Source: Kassow Robots

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