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Aerzen Turbo Blower in a Slim Iso-Container

Aerzen Turbo Blower in a Slim Iso-Container

Blower technology in containers has the potential to make process air supply noticeably leaner, more flexible and easier. Aerzen has already gained many years of experience in this field from its own rental business and is now using this know-how for a new solution. The idea: compressed air from the ISO container.

Whether 20 or 40 feet: ISO containers have the advantage of being standardised – right down to uniform lifting gear and truck trailers. Containers are also easy to stack. They are statically self-sufficient and, of course, they are also available with effective sound insulation. Aerzen now combines these features with its blower and compressor technology, creating a symbiosis of the latest machine technology and high flexibility. Thanks to this pragmatic solution approach, it will be possible in future to supply complete blower or compressor stations for quick connection and commission on site.

The high power density of, for example, 24,000 m³/h compressed air per container with 3 × Aerzen Turbo AT 200 0.8s ensures versatile application possibilities per container unit in connection with a high control range. This aspect also opens the way for placing the process air generation as close as possible to the demand. This shortens the distances, which subsequently leads to savings in piping and also to energy savings due to decreasing pressure losses.


Source: Aerzener Maschinenfabrik

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