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All the Know-How in Your Pocket

All the Know-How in Your Pocket

Unplanned machine breakdowns cost time and money. Elara Digital GmbH now offers the right solutions for reduced downtimes and increased machine availability. Relevant information such as work orders, checklists, machine documentation or guides for trouble shooting can be created in an easy and intuitive way and can be accessed at any time: a knowledge data base for maintenance teams. Beumer Group supported the project of the founders and managing directors Akram Alraai and Dominik Adamowski with start-up financing.

The software allows to create digital work and maintenance orders in easy and fast way and to directly assign them to the right employee. He can start working directly with his smartphone: He scans the QR code at the machine or system and can immediately access all relevant data required e.g. for inspection or trouble shooting. In order to find the required document even faster, he can call it up via voice command. In case of unexpected problems in production, employees often refer to trouble shooting guides and if these are not available, it is possible to upload pictures and videos. This makes it easier to diagnose the problem and then solve it. The software records all possible malfunctions and communicates them, thus the employee has the entire know-how on his smartphone.

Source: Beumer

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