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Automated Filling

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


PHI OIL uses the semi-automatic FFS 21 system from Fricke to fill the containers used and to quickly fill the containers used on the pallet

Cleanliness, drip protection, repeat accuracy and speed are the decisive factors when it comes factors when it comes to the efficient, precise filling of high-quality substances such as lubricating oils and greases. Since 1998, the Austrian company PHI OIL has been successfully supplying customers throughout throughout Europe with a full range of these products. In order to fill the containers used and quickly fill the containers used on the pallet, PHI OIL has been using the semi-automatic  FFS 21 system from Fricke. As this has optimized the filling process enormously optimized the filling process and has proven itself, PHI OIL has decided to production volumes, PHI OIL commissioned a second system in 2022.

PHI OIL supplies its customers throughout Europe with high-quality lubricating oils and greases. These are sold in various filling quantities – from 20 liter plastic canisters to
plastic canisters, 60 and 100 liter steel drums and 1000 liter intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). To ensure consistently high product quality, cleanliness, drip protection and repeat accuracy play a decisive role in the filling process. Whereas products used to be filled into containers using manual processes on a scale, the automation of this process has meant that the production orders can now be quickly transferred from the ERP system to the filling control system using a barcode scanner. The filling takes place quickly and precisely directly into the empty containers on the pallet. “Due to our continuously increasing production volumes, we decided in 2019 to taketo take an important step towards automation and convert our filling line to the FFS 21 from Fricke.

The new system has not only perfected the filling process with corresponding recipe accuracy, but has also the filling process with corresponding recipe accuracy, but has also helped us to fill larger quantities in time and have therefore been able to significantly increase the overall filling quantities,” says overall,” says Thomas Haunsperger, Managing Director of PHI OIL.

Speed and flexibility in the filling processes

The FFS 21 from Fricke saves time with every single filling process: The roller bearing mounted, telescopic extension on roller bearings ensures that both radial and linear swivel movements
swivel movements interlock, which significantly speeds up the positioning of the filling valve over the container is significantly accelerated. In this way, several valuable seconds can be. This saves several valuable seconds per positioning process.

User report

Another advantage of the FFS 21 is the flexible, automated customization option for the filling process. The implemented software makes it possible to store various filling programs in the filling programs in the system control in advance. For example, if a complete pallet with containers of up to three layers is to be filled, the necessary data such as target and tare such as target and tare weights, the coarse and fine flow parameters and the pack height can be saved as a program. All that remains to be done is to position the containers on the pallet and the barcode stored for the specific production order. The automatically adjusts to the product to be filled and positions the valve at the correct height above the valve at the correct height above the respective container. Other important components such as the drip tray, the fine stop contact and the upper stop also adapt to the selected production order. This procedure enables time-consuming misfilling and damage to the machine, as well as dripping of the product due to dripping due to under-level filling can be avoided.

Easy and ergonomic handling

With its user-friendly operation, the Fricke FFS 21 filling system is also far ahead of conventional models. “Radial or coordinate filling systems work with a fixed extension on which the filling head is moved sideways,” explains Dirk Novak, sales engineer at Fricke. “This makes the handling of such systems very inflexible. In order to adapt to containers of different sizes, such as canisters or intermediate bulk containers, they also require a base height adjustment. This design means that the operator has to use both hands to control the system, which
can lead to increased physical strain. Our systems, on the other hand enable one-handed control of the filling process and therefore more comfortable handling of the machine. In addition, the operating handle can be easily adjusted to the optimum height of the, so that the entire back and shoulder area is significantly relieved.”

A compact design saves space

The FFS 21 from Fricke creates further added value with its compact design: “The filling system has a modular design,” says Dirk Novak. “The customer can therefore choose between different models with one, two or three scales. Depending on the version, the space requirement is just a minimum of 1.5 x 3 meters and a maximum of 2.5 x 3.5 meters and a height of 3.3 meters. This means that the system is also ideal for companies with limited space.” One of many advantages that also impressed PHI OIL. “Since 2019, we have optimized our processes enormously by using the two filling systems from Fricke and are pleased to to be able to meet the continuously increasing demand from our customers even better,” says Thomas Haunsperger.

Source: Fricke 

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