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Automation Solution for Safer 3D Manufacturing Processes

Automation Solution for Safer 3D Manufacturing Processes

Using robot technology from OnRobot, five engineering students from Lancaster University built an automation solution that eliminates worker exposure to the nylon powder used for 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

The nylon powder used and left behind when an employee extracts a 3D printed part can be harmful to the person doing the job, because they can inhale it, ingest it or accidentally rub it into their eyes while working. So having an intelligent system – a robot – do this job will result in a healthier, safer and cleaner workplace.

The five students took on the challenge to create an intelligent system that can extract the additive manufactured parts from the cake of nylon powder, which is left after selective laser sintering, eliminating human interaction with the fine nylon powder.

The student Team Leader, James McEwan, said: “The resulting system has proven to be a robust system being able to accommodate different sized cakes and a large variety of parts of differing shapes and sizes. As for the effect this system can have, it means that workplaces will be safer.”


Source: Onrobot

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