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Beckhoff: Dr. Karl Weber appointed to the Standards Board of IEEE

Beckhoff: Dr. Karl Weber appointed to the Standards Board of IEEE

Dr. Karl Weber, an expert in industrial communication at Beckhoff Automation, has been appointed to the IEEE SA Standards Board (SASB). He is one of two Europeans among the 24 IEEE SASB experts.

This Board of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world’s largest professional association of electrical and information technology engineers, decides on all project plans and approvals of standards. The primary objective of the IEEE SA is to steer technical progress along successful paths through clear regulations in standards. The standards development process – overseen by the SASB – is rooted in balance, openness, fair procedures and consensus.

Together with 13 other experts in the IEEE SASB, Dr. Karl Weber will focus on the task of incorporating new standardization projects. The number of such projects has grown continually in recent years, with the figure having more than doubled in the last four years alone. This will generate a visible impact in areas such as automation technology in the second half of this decade. Such long lead times requires to set now the right course for future development.

Source: Beckhoff

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