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Minebea Intec presents the new weighing platform MiNexx 3000 - the new generation of bench scales

Minebea Intec presents the new weighing platform MiNexx 3000 – the new generation of bench scales. With innovative design and outstanding functionality, MiNexx 3000 sets new standards in precision, efficiency and integration capability. This new solution has been developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of purchasing managers, quality managers, process managers and product and technology managers. 

Weighing platforms such as the MiNexx 3000 are set up on tables or work surfaces and are used wherever small quantities need to be weighed with high accuracy. Whether in the food and cosmetics industry or in the laboratory, the MiNexx 3000 can be used to carry out checkweighing and completeness checks or to perform dosing, classifying, sorting and counting processes with high precision. Minebea Intec has been manufacturing high-quality weighing solutions for more than 150 years and always incorporates valuable feedback from the market into its product innovations. This is also the case with the MiNexx 3000 weighing platform.

Weighing platform MiNexx 3000: What is special about this bench scale?

The MiNexx 3000 weighing platform is characterized by its V-shaped substructure, which not only enables optimum force distribution, but also ensures excellent protection of the high-precision load cell. The easy-to-clean design makes it ideal for demanding production environments, while its high level of configurability allows it to be tailored to different industrial applications. For example, resolutions from 15,000d up to 75,000d or up to 6,000e and even 3×3,000e can be selected depending on requirements. In addition, a readability of 0.05g to 100g steps is possible and it can be varied between different surface treatments and load ranges from 1.5kg to 300kg can be realized. The robust design also enables use in the potentially explosive zone 2/22 – zone 1/21 is to follow in the near future.

Customer requirements fulfilled – maximum precision at a fair price

The MiNexx 3000 weighing platform not only guarantees maximum precision and accuracy, but also complies with all relevant industry standards such as ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 9001 and certifications such as OIML, RoHS, Reach and ATEX. Quality managers can therefore rely on MiNexx 3000 to ensure high-quality results in industrial processes while meeting all necessary compliance requirements.

MiNexx 3000 not only sets new standards in terms of quality, but also in terms of cost efficiency. Purchasing managers can rely on MiNexx 3000 to meet their budget targets. “During development, we also focused on ease of maintenance and durability,” says Eren Sagdas. “With its seamless integration capability into existing production and OEM systems, MiNexx 3000 also increases production efficiency.” The integration of MiNexx 3000 into existing production processes promotes a smooth and coherent production chain.

High-precision weighing indicators for weighing platforms

In order to be able to use the weight values determined by the bench scales efficiently in the production processes, the signals must be recorded and forwarded to the production control system. Minebea Intec offers a broad portfolio of weighing indicators for bench and floor scales for this purpose. Whether customers are looking for a terminal for simple weighing tasks or for multiple applications such as piece counting, filling or checkweighing, all weighing indicators are characterized by user-friendly operation and a robust design. All terminals can be flexibly positioned near the scale or mounted on the wall or on a stand. Minebea Intec offers sophisticated software products such as SPC@Enterprise and ProRecipe XT for the reliable integration of bench scales into production lines.

Weighing and inspection technologies including accessories: everything from a single source from Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec’s competent and experienced team is on hand to advise its customers throughout the entire project planning process. From selecting the right technologies to commissioning and maintenance.

With the market launch of the innovative MiNexx 3000 weighing platform, Minebea Intec remains true to its brand promise of “the true measure” and presents a solution that not only sets new standards in precision, but also raises efficiency in industrial processes to a new level.

Source: Minebea intec

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