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BG Pouch System for Omnichannel and D2C

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


BEUMER Group has developed its BG Pouch System as the perfect solution for omnichannel and D2C operators in search of a solution for leaner e-commerce fulfilment. The innovative system expands BEUMER Group’s offering for the warehouse and distribution industry.

This specialised e-commerce fulfilment technology is able to transport, sort, sequence and store both outbound and returned items in a much leaner sequence, requiring less manual intervention, and reducing the number of product touches in the returns process by over 50 percent.

This simplified handling of returns is achieved by placing each item directly into a pouch rather than sending it back to the regular storage area. The pouch system serves as an interim storage buffer for returned items. When goods are sold again they can be sent for sortation and shipment directly from the dynamic buffer without ever being sent back to the main storage area and without having to be re-picked. As such, the pouch system eliminates a tremendous amount of unnecessary manual handling to dramatically speed up and smooth intralogistics flows, allowing predictive picking to significantly reduce handling peaks.

Source: Beumer


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