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Codemeter Built Into B&R’s Technology Guarding System

Codemeter Built Into B&R’s Technology Guarding System

Wibu-Systems, the protection and licensing specialists from Karlsruhe, is raising a flag for a safer and more secure industrial automation world with a long-standing technological cooperation with B&R, the leading automation company from Austria.

As part of the ABB Group, B&R is committed to engineering excellence and innovation, making the decision to add Wibu-Systems’ world-leading CodeMeter solution to its Technology Guarding system seem a natural step for them. With custom versions of the popular CmStick security hardware and all of CodeMeter’s encryption and license management capabilities working in the background, Technology Guarding becomes the powerful tool to protect and license both B&R’s own automation software and the third-party solutions of its users.


Source: Wibu-Systems

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