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Color Measurement with UV Vis

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


In this webinar, you will learn about a number of commonly used color scales and their applications in various industries

Color measurement is an essential analysis of raw materials and finished products from industries such as chemical, food and beverage and dye. It is important for monitoring process liquids and quality control of water for distribution or discharge.

A variety of color scales are used to describe and analyze color quantitatively. During this webinar, you will learn about a range of frequently used color scales and their applications utilizing Mettler Toledo spectrometers in various industries. For instance, the CIE color system, which is most often used for food, will be illustrated. With respect to water quality, the concentration of platinum and cobalt in water is measured using a spectrometer and then the value is converted into an APHA color scale.

Dr. Zhuoxiang Zhang: Product Manager SPG UV/VIS I Mettler Toledo
Dr. Fabian Müller: Product Specialist UV/VIS I Mettler Toledo

You can find the webinar on this website: On Demand Webinar | Color Measurement | Register Now! (mt.com)

Source: Mettler Toledo 

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