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Digital Service Reveals Potential for Energy Savings

Digital Service Reveals Potential for Energy Savings

A new digital appraisal service from ABB is designed to enable industrial operators to maximize energy efficiency and boost sustainability. The idea is to do this by identifying motor-driven equipment in their facilities with the best energy-saving potential.

The ABB Ability Digital Powertrain Energy Appraisal service will draw on data measured from fleets of digitally connected electric motors and variable speed drives (VSDs). The service shows where and how much energy can be saved by upgrading to the latest high-efficiency technologies. Industrial operators can then make data-driven decisions when prioritizing investments.

Upgrading to energy efficient technology is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to lower energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Across the world’s 300 million industrial motor-driven systems, there is potential to cut global electricity demand by up to 10 % by switching to high-efficiency systems.


Source: ABB

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