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Drishti Wins IERA Robotics Award 2022

Drishti Wins IERA Robotics Award 2022

This year’s “Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation” (IERA) goes to Drishti, a video analytics company based in Mountain View, California. Drishti technology supports workers on assembly lines to avoid errors and be more productive. To achieve this, the company has developed the technology “action recognition”.

Drishti streams video at every station of the production line, then uses their AI networks to translate the video streams into data. The action recognition technology delivers feedback to operators in mere seconds, thus avoiding errors. The information is also used retrospectively to help manufacturers improve productivity, quality and training as well as safety.

“Drishti has developed a pathway towards successful robotics and automation suitable for any size of company,” said jury chair Andra Keay. “This opens up significant benefits, both for manufacturers and their employees. We are pleased to honor this achievement with the IERA Award 2022.”

Picture (from left to right): IFR President Milton Guerry, IEEE RAS Vice President Andra Keay, Prasad Akella, Drishti Technologies


Source: IFR

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