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Dunkermotoren Is a Member of the IDTA

Dunkermotoren Is a Member of the IDTA

As of June 01, 2022, Dunkermotoren, a brand of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions, is an official member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association “IDTA”. For Dunkermotoren and its IIoT brand Nexofox, the digital twin is becoming increasingly important due to its huge benefits for the user and is much more than a digital image of a motor.

The digital twin allows the user to easily access motor-relevant data at any time and from anywhere, enabling it to be operated in a more sustainable and resource-saving manner. Within the IDTA, it is worked on defining on important fundamentals for standardizing the structure and modeling of such a digital twin. In doing so, the IDTA makes use of the administration shell defined by the Fraunhofer Institute, just like the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance.

The implementation of this so-called asset administration shell (AAS) is a major focus within the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. For these reasons, the membership in the IDTA is an optimal complement to the work of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, of which Dunkermotoren has already been a member since 2019. In other words, the AAS is a reference structure which allows that, for example, every asset can be integrated into the communication world of Industry 4.0 and be uniquely addressed and identified within this network. Furthermore, the administration shell supports the mapping of the entire life cycle of an asset. Through its membership in the IDTA and networking with the global technology community, Dunkermotoren/Nexofox will be able to support its customers even better in the future when taking the step into the Internet of Things.

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