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Fully Automatic Fillers for MDI-Production

Fully Automatic Fillers for MDI-Production

In 2020 Feige FILLING, a provider for filling equipment, has delivered seven fully automatic fillers for a Chinese customer. In Ningbo, near the town of Shanghai, the world-wide supplier of MDI (methylene diphenyl isocyanate) operates a production site. This substance is used in the production of polyurethane and is highly toxic. The order comprised four new drum fillers and three pallet filling robots with extensive conveyor technology as well as the associated palletizers for MDI and MDI-Spezial.

Four specimen of the Integra 86 high-speed system were part of the order, each in a stainless steel version. The entire construction plans had to be adapted to the country-specific specifications beforehand and own Chinese variants had to be developed, based on the basic model of the Integra 86. In addition, MDI has special requirements: So that the substance does not become solid, it must always be kept at a constant temperature of 40 degree Celsius, which is why the filling valves of the systems are equipped with filling lance heatings. In addition to the drum fillers, the customer from China ordered three pallet fillers for the fully automatic and calibrated filling of IBC and drums. Here the models based on the Integra 71 had to be adapted and exactly tailored to the requirements of the MDI supplier. The machines in stainless steel design are also completely enclosed.

Control and operation of all seven systems takes place conveniently via the user-friendly Feige touch panel with integrated scale display. In addition, the Integra series is characterised by the integrated VPN access – the virtual communication network permits remote maintenance and assistance: a unique advantage in times of Corona.

Source: Feige Filling

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