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Reliable Local Service: New Partner for Saudi Arabia

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

The Beumer Group now has a new partner, V-Line, which will support it in projects in Saudi Arabia and help to give customers better local service. The system provider Beumer is continuing to expand its activities and customer support in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on the cement, building material and petrochemical industries as well as minerals and mining.

Beumer is strengthening its presence in Saudi Arabia, which has been one of its important markets for years. In the future, it intends to put a stronger focus on sales in the region. Support will be provided by V-Line Europe GmbH and its subsidiary V-Line Middle East, based in Jubail. V-Line began as a small company in northern Germany in 1979 and now has more than 200 employees worldwide. Based in Sehnde near Hanover, it offers end-to-end supply chains for companies in 20 countries. It has subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East, plus customer service centers in the Gulf region, USA, Mexico and Brazil.

Source: Beumer

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