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Schaeffler Expands IoT Solution Optime

Schaeffler Expands IoT Solution Optime

With the introduction of Optime to the market in 2020, Schaeffler presented an innovative condition monitoring system for machines and systems. The system is easy to put into operation and can be used without any specialist knowledge. With the latest update, Optime now also integrates Schaeffler’s condition monitoring systems (CMS) SmartCheck and ProLink. Optime therefore covers condition monitoring for a wide range of machines and often entire plants.

Particularly for companies operating in system-intensive process industries, avoiding unplanned downtimes means greater profitability. Via the smartphone or desktop app, customers with Optime have a constant eye on the status of their plant, even with hundreds of machines, as the messages are user-friendly and prioritized according to criticality. As a result, in-house maintenance personnel or even service companies can plan maintenance measures, personnel utilization, and the procurement of replacement parts in a timely and cost-efficient manner. They have the flexibility to decide whether they want to draw on other services and if so, which ones. The modular service concept offers online, remote or on-site services.


Source: Schaeffler

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