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Siemens: Mindsphere App Supplemented With an AI-Based Module

Siemens: Mindsphere App Supplemented With an AI-Based Module

Siemens has supplemented the Mindsphere application Predictive Service Assistance with an AI-based module. The new Artificial Intelligence module identifies concrete fault patterns in motors at an early stage, such as misalignment or a defective bearing. The application should thus helps users to reduce downtimes and further improve spare parts and maintenance processes.

The new Artificial Intelligence module for motors uses a neural network to solve what was previously implemented using a defined KPI limit value. This enables the module to detect anomalies even before the defined limit value and provides clear indications of the type and severity of faults and their development.

As soon as the application detects signs of an error, it warns the user and generates a due date that indicates when the error should ideally be corrected and what corrective action is recommended to prevent an unplanned downtime.

Predictive Service Assistance with the new AI-based Artificial Intelligence module is offered as part of a Predictive Service Assessment. The package includes a customized configuration service that ensures that the Mindsphere application with the new AI-based module runs optimally according to the customer’s requirements.

Source: Siemens

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