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Simple Format Changeover on Packaging Machines

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


When companies need packaging machines for their products the most important aspect of the investment is to find the most flexible solution that can handle a wide range of package sizes and formats. Electronic position indicators from Siko simplify the changeover process on Somic packaging machines and ensure simple operator guidance and greater process reliability.

Siko mechanical position indicators are installed in all Somic machines for possible size changeovers to different product or packaging sizes. The monitored format changeover ensures faster changeover times, ergonomic operation and high process reliability. The backlit LCD displays are easy to read and also feature green and red status LEDs. In addition, arrows also indicate the direction in which adjustment is required. As the communication interface of the Siko position indicators in the machine control always provides the current position information, it is ruled out that incorrect settings could lead to quality problems or even damage to machine parts when the machine is restarted. The machine has stored all default values; target positions no longer have to be manually selected from format lists.


Source: Siko

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