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Industry 4.0

Solution packages for digitalization

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

Smart measuring devices collect a wealth of data from the field level. However, up to 97 percent of this data remain unused. But data is the fuel that powers Industry 4.0. #empowerthefield, the Industry 4.0 Program of Endress+Hauser, enables plant operators to unlock the potential of this data.

The product portfolio for gas flow measurement with five SIL-certified measurement technologies, such as ultrasonic or thermal mass flow measurement, enables a wide range of applications, exact measurement results and maximum process safety. From the smallest nominal diameters (DN1) tot all exhaust gas stacks (DN12000), at high process pressure (up to 400 bar) or the highest process temperatures (up to 1.000 °C), the robust measuring devices meet all relevant industrial requirements.

The new Memosens 2.0 sensor generation meets the demands of Industry 4.0. Additional process data and diagnostics information provide accurate information regarding current sensor status and future maintenance requirements. Memosens 2.0 sensors can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems using plug and play.

Source: Endress+Hauser

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