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Standard Parts With Antibacterial Surface From Ganter

Standard Parts With Antibacterial Surface From Ganter

Contact infections with viruses, fungi and bacteria were already a problem even before the pandemic – and now Ganter is expanding its Sanline range of antibacterial products.

Ganter began addressing this relevant social problem years ago by adding antibacterial protection to a whole series of standard parts, grouped into the Sanline product family. The various handling elements – buttons, hand levers, U-handles and wing nuts – make use of two different principles. In the case of plastics, special additives with silver ions are mixed in, while metal parts are given powder coatings based on zinc molybdate.

Both principles destroy the cell walls of the microorganisms, causing them to die. For humans, contact with such activated surfaces poses no risk whatsoever. Zinc molybdate additives are of particular interest. With the help of moisture in the air, an acidic film with a pH of about 4.5 forms on the surfaces – similar to the one on human skin. The acid protons penetrate the cell membrane of the bacteria, quickly destroying them.

Even with frequent cleanings, both principles remain effective for a long time. The antibacterial properties are no replacement for cleaning or disinfection, but they serve as a long-lasting additional measure.


Source: Ganter

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