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Activated Carbon Depth Filter

Strong Adsorption Performance

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


New activated carbon depth filter media from Eaton’s Beco Carbon range help ensure product quality in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production.

With the new Beco Carbon ACF 03 grade, Eaton is responding to the growing demand for user-friendly activated carbon sheets tested for endotoxins for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications, fine chemicals and other industries. Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing processes in particular demand the strong capabilities of activated carbon depth filter sheets for decolorization and adsorptive separation of undesired byproducts. In these processes, users benefit from the facts that Beco Caron ACF 03 activated carbon depth filter sheets meet USP Class VI testing requirements and a Validation Guide.

The depth filter sheets, with activated carbon bound in the filter, are available in various designs and sizes, including stacked disc cartridges, flat sheets, and disposable capsules. These different designs facilitate the work for laboratory and preproduction trials, and the results can be transferred to full scale production using the same activated carbon depth filter media. The range of filter areas available enables ideal adaptation to the respective batch size and therefore optimizing process costs.

Source: Eaton

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