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Fast-Tracking Growth Thanks Robotic Solution

Fast-Tracking Growth Thanks Robotic Solution

Belgian 3PL company Soditra-Logistic doubled the size of its goods-to-person order picking system in spring 2020. With Scallog’s robotic solution, Soditra-Logistic aims to support the growth of its retail order fulfillment offering while attracting new customers such as Nyx and leading online organic retailer Greenweez.

Scallog is a robotic goods-to-person storage and picking solution. From the robots themselves to the picking workstations, the system offers the ability to handle a wide range of products, including those that are extremely fragile and delicate. The automated picking workstation assists operators with all their tasks with a three-stage system: spot to light, a light pointer that illuminates, scans and deposits the products to be picked on the order buffer shelf.

At the Nivelles warehouse platform, the Scallog Starter Kit was up and running in February 2019, less than four months after it was selected. In May 2020, Soditra-Logistic doubled its Scallog goods-to-person installation through a new contract with Greenweez.  Scallog allowed the company to add another 600 sq. ft. of warehouse space and 12 Boby robots that move 148 racking units in five different configurations to four user-friendly workstations.

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Source: Soditra Logistics

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