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End-2-End Supply Chain Platforms

How Shippers Significantly Reduce Truck Idle Time

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

All site and transport logistics processes, all supply chain partners, everything on one cloud platform – that’s Myleo / dsc. As a 2023 spin-off of Leogistics, Myleo / dsc aims to position itself on the market as a standard solution for site and transport logistics.

The “dsc” in Myleo / dsc stands for “digital supply-chain” – from inbound to yard management to outbound. The young start-up combines the full process of site and transport logistics in one cloud-based Process-as-a-Service solution. The hub at the center is yard management. All parties involved, such as shippers, suppliers, logistics service providers and consignees, receive the information relevant to them via one single platform, from shipment tracking to time slot management. Collaboration takes place in real time, without system interruptions. This is because Myleo / dsc bundles the functions of various tools: dock & yard management, supplier management, carrier collaboration, empties management and real-time transportation visibility can be used in combination or individually.

“By simplifying collaboration on an end-2-end supply chain platform, we draw attention to the best possible process,” explains Michael Rölli, Head of Customer Advisory at Myleo / dsc. “This means for shippers that they can, for example, reduce truck idle times on the factory premises by up to 50 percent or avoid production downtime. They also improve their business management decisions based on real-time data.”

Quick Start: Fast Integration Into Existing Logistics IT

The team of the Hamburg-based start-up wants to intervene as little as possible in the IT landscape of customers and their partners. Existing upstream systems, transportation management and warehouse management systems, external telematics, sensor technology or IoT devices are integrated into the Myleo / dsc platform with or without middleware, and closely networked with SAP or other ERP systems. Thanks to predefined interfaces and cloud basis, a simple and fast rollout succeeds at low integration costs. Well-known customers such as Villeroy & Boch, DM Tech, Home24 and Nordzucker are already convinced by the concept of Myleo / dsc.

Source: Leoquantum

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