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Licensing and Protection Technology

Safe Provisioning and Packaging of Custom Prescriptions

The Med2Morrow system enables the precise, safe, and reliable provisioning and packaging of custom prescriptions. Codemeter protects the sophisticated system software from tampering, which ensures patient safety, and provides a reliable licensing mechanism.

On-Board Power Supply Planning

Analysis and Simulation Made Easy

Aucotec has unveiled its EDS Design Center (Electrical Distribution System/On-board Power). The solution for on-board power system development is based on Aucotec’s data-centric platform Engineering Base (EB).



Ferag Automates Store Logistics for Fnac

The Fnac retail group is investing in its logistics processes in Spain. In the Madrid metropolitan area, a Ferag Denisort is reducing replenishment times for the stores, with the company’s e-commerce business to follow soon.


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