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Software Improves Cross-Border Supply Chain Processes

Software Improves Cross-Border Supply Chain Processes

The company Holocene offers an AI-driven software (SaaS) that enables users to improve cross-border supply chain processes. The software brings visibility and traceability, and it builds trust between all trade stakeholders. Founders and Managing Directors Romain Fayolle and Navneet Lekshminarayanan received funding from Beumer Group to support their venture.

The user can upload all scattered, manually created trade and customs instructions into Holocene. The software then converts these into digitalized, standardized, and actionable business rules stored in a secured database, to which only the user’s shipping team has access. The Holocene software automatically checks shipping documents for compliance with trade regulations such as import duties, import licenses, and export permit requirements, internal taxation, and technical declarations of conformity in 191 countries. It automatically updates the policies and notifies the responsible employees should changes occur. The software makes recommendations if a change affects the shipping documents and issues alerts if the regulations cannot be complied with. These rules out problems with customs clearance at the destination.

Picture (l-r): Founders and Managing Directors Navneet Lekshminarayanan and Romain Fayolle of the Beumer Group


Source: Beumer

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