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Intelligent Sorting

Intelligent Sorting

The Beumer Group company provides with its BG Sorter Compact CB more flexibility in a tight footprint. The newly developed system from the sorting and distribution technology range is designed to improve performance and product life-cycle costs. This is ensured by the intelligent software and the possibility of data analysis.

The BG Sorter Compact CB is easy to integrate and operates with low energy consumption and high precision. This enables users to save investment and operational costs. Courier, express and parcel services, e.g., can use the new sorter to respond quickly to increasing shipping volumes and higher throughputs.

The system is suitable for a wide range of items: small, light shipments as well as parcels weighing up to twelve kilograms. Even goods that are fragile or have packaging that is difficult for conventional equipment to handle, such as smooth plastic film, can be easily handled with the help of gentle sortation.

The new sorter requires little space and can be flexibly adapted to local conditions, even if space is restricted. For this purpose, the system combines Beumer’s cross-belt technology (CB) with intelligent design.

Source: Beumer Group


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