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Intralogistics Future With 5G Technology

Intralogistics Future With 5G Technology

SSI Schaefer has integrated the new mobile communications standard 5G at its in-house Technology Center in Giebelstadt. For future customer projects based on 5G technology, this means seamless roaming, high connectivity and optimized value-added processes. This paves the way for company-wide networking on a uniform platform along the whole supply chain.

A dedicated 5G campus network – a frequency range intended for the location-based use of the 5G standard – was licensed and put into operation at the Technology Center in Giebelstadt. Currently, intensive testing is carried out to fulfill the optimization potential of intralogistical solutions even further in the future. “We’re pursuing the strategy of already investing into tomorrow’s communications standard today and thus building the foundation for further digitalization,” says Notker Steigerwald, SVP, Head of Business Unit Logistics Solutions at SSI Schaefer.

Source: SSI Schaefer

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