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Lydia Voice Ensures Process Optimization by Voice

Lydia Voice Ensures Process Optimization by Voice

Supply chain software specialist Industri-Matematik International (IMI) has enhanced its offering by adding the Lydia Pick by Voice System to its portfolio.

The partnership deal with Topsystem signed in June 2021 means that IMI can now include Lydia Voice technology as part of IMI Warehouse Management System (IMI WMS). Users should be able to optimise their warehouse processes at high-speed and with minimal disruption, as standardised integrations are available for fast on-site implementation.

Lydia Voice provides hands-free, eyes-free and – compared to other voice solutions – even headset-free benefits to pickers and operatives via a Lydia VoiceWear picking vest. There are no breaks in the workflow; the employee can focus entirely on picking without distraction. The wins are improved speed and accuracy. Easy to pick up and use in an instant, Lydia requires no voice template training and reacts to voice commands in multiple languages according to user preference.


Source: IMI

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