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New Vehicle for Automated High Lift Deployment

New Vehicle for Automated High Lift Deployment

The EKS 215a from Jungheinrich is a new automated guided vehicle for independent storing of goods at heights of six metres. It ensures a smaller footprint, more deployment options in in-house and end-of-line transport and a new human-machine interface for perfect interaction for troubleshooting, load detection and option for manual orders.

Jungheinrich has presented its newest automated guided vehicle (AGV) at its virtual trade press conference Innovations & Highlights 2021. The new EKS 215a can independently store loads weighing 700 kilograms at a height of up to six metres and is therefore the ideal solution for the automation of high lift deployment. The truck is based on a completely new and especially compact AGV chassis. This is how the new EKS 215a achieves such small physical dimensions. Jungheinrich has also reduced the virtual footprint of the EKS 215a significantly thanks to its new protective field concept. This enables the dynamic integration of the truck into existing warehouse layouts. Manual processes can be automated with the new EKS 215a that are currently mainly still carried out with counterbalance and reach trucks. A completely new human-machine interface ensures the particularly intuitive operation of the truck.


Source: Jungheinrich

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