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Nolf Takes Over Hellmann Sales in America

Nolf Takes Over Hellmann Sales in America

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is pleased to announce Julia Nolf as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for the Americas region. In her new role, she oversees sales, business development, marketing, and account management across North and Latin America. As a member of the regional executive team, she reports directly to Regional CEO Peter Huewel.

Nolf has over 15 years of diverse professional experience in business development, sales operations, marketing, and human resources. Before joining Hellmann, she was the Vice President, Sales Enablement & Sales Learning and Talent Development at XPO Logistics where she was responsible for all global sales effectiveness initiatives and pioneered the company’s first comprehensive sales process. During that time, Nolf played a key role in organizational strategy and enterprise sales structure design.


Source: Hellmann

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