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TGW Uses SAP Software for Intralogistic Solutions

TGW Uses SAP Software for Intralogistic Solutions

With a planned completion date of late 2021, TGW is constructing a highly automated intralogistics solution for the Heinrich Kipp Werk plant in Sulz am Neckar in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The German manufacturer of standard elements and operating parts can reduce lead times and speed up delivery to its industrial customers with an automated shuttle system. The central element of the project is the implementation of SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management). The warehouse management software helps to plan, control and monitor manual and automated processes in distribution centres.

The scalable system in the Heinrich Kipp Werk plant is not equipped with shuttle vehicles at all shelf levels. At the end of each aisle is a lift that allows the shuttles to change levels. If the performance requirement increases, the system can be quickly expanded by using additional shuttles – without costly conversion measures. This means that the solution should be tailored to Kipp’s requirements in terms of performance and throughput. TGW’s shuttle technology converts braking energy into drive energy, which is why the company calls the solution Green Logistics.

Source: TGW

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