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Laser System

The Swiss Army Knife of the Lasers

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

The TruMark 7050 laser system from Trumpf is more than just a marking laser. It is a multifunctional tool with high performance. The high-tech company supplies the system as a ready-to-use solution. A scanner and software are already integrated. Trumpf has also already ensured a very high level of laser safety.

The laser is suitable for a number of highly productive applications in various industries with very short process cycle times. Users can join different types of metals with the TruMark 7050 using spot welding, for example, copper with aluminum or brass. “This capability is particularly in demand for e-mobility applications,” says Breitenborn. Companies can very easily integrate the marking and material processing laser into their flow production. The automotive industry also uses the laser for deep-engraving vehicle identification numbers into the body of cars. “Here, short process times are required, which the TruMark 7050, with its high power and fast switching cycles, makes possible. This laser with 200 watts of average power is virtually unrivaled in its performance class,” says Breitenborn.

But the TruMark 7050 is also suitable for cleaning metallic surfaces of a variety of materials, such as oil, rust, or even organic residues. In many other industries, users also use the laser to roughen surfaces.

Source: Trumpf

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