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Arburg Manufactures Injection-Moulded Face Masks

Arburg Manufactures Injection-Moulded Face Masks

After Arburg started producing protective glasses on Allrounder injection moulding machines at its headquarters in Lossburg (Germany) in mid-April, the mechanical engineering company has now launched an additional project to combat the spread of the coronavirus: Since 11 May, face masks are injection moulded from LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and PP (polypropylene). About 3,500 of these multifunctional masks are expected to be produced daily under series production conditions. The product will initially be used to protect the company’s own employees worldwide and will then be distributed as quickly as possible via the district of Freudenstadt to hospitals and care facilities.

The flexible masks consists of a soft LSR mask that is put over the nose and mouth and a firm PP shield with eyelets for attaching elastic bands. In the middle there is a standardised connection with a hole (DIN EN ISO 5356-1:2004). The opening is sealed with a flow gate to protect against infection in everyday life. This diverts the breathing air downwards and thus reduces the risk of infection. In the next expansion stage, a filter housing can be fitted on the opening. Arburg intends to manufacture this component in cooperation with partners very soon.

Source: Arburg GmbH + Co KG

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