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Booksize motor modules for Sinamics S120 series

Booksize motor modules for Sinamics S120 series

Portfolio gap between 18A and 30A has been closed

The Booksize Motor Module portfolio has been further developed to include
compatible new C and D type Sinamics S120 Booksize Motor Modules. Siemens
has added a number of new devices to the existing 3A-30A range. The 24A, 45A
and 60A Motor Modules are now available with double overload factor (Continuous
C-type), and the 24A modules are additionally available with triple overload factor
(Discontinuous D-type). With a 33 percent narrower fit than the existing variants, the
new 45A und 60A devices are extremely compact, enabling significant space
savings in the control cabinet. The maximum current in the 45A devices has also
been increased from 85A to 90A, while the 60A devices now come with a 120A
maximum current instead of the previous 113A.A completely new addition to the
series are the 24A devices, which will be available as either a C or D type. This
closes the gap in the portfolio between 18A and 30A.

Sinamics S120 is a modular drive system for high-performance motion control
applications in machine and systems engineering. Users can select from a wide
range of coordinated components and functions and combine them to meet their
own specific requirements. The Motor Modules (power units) are an integral part of
the S120 drive system.

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