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Durable Aseptic Process Pump for More Reliability

Durable Aseptic Process Pump for More Reliability

The Swiss subsidiary of Dutch company DSM Nutritional Products AG uses the spray drying method when producing vitamin and carotenoid powders for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The procedure uses pump technology to convey various emulsions into a spray tower, where they are dried into powder. But the feed and booster pump that was being used proved to be an uncertainty factor because the diaphragm required for the pumping process tended to tear when the pump was started up. Generally, such production interruptions can be corrected through immediate maintenance and repair work. However, it is very expensive to replace a diaphragm or an entire system. DSM was in search of an alternative and finally made a find when they talked to the pump experts at Lewa Nikkiso Switzerland, who recommended a Lewa triplex process diaphragm pump for the spray tower application. The drive unit features a safe start-up mode that keeps the diaphragm located in the neutral position, and continuous regulation using an integrated monitoring system. Since the hermetically tight pumps are electropolished and CIP-approved, it is easy to fulfill the food industry’s stringent hygienic provisions.

Source: Lewa GmbH

Picture Source: DSM Nutritional Products GmbH

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