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Hot on the trail of damage during transit

Hot on the trail of damage during transit

MSR175 data loggers record physical parameters – long-term documentation of measured data

These recording and storage systems, which merely are the size of a thumb, are particularly well-suited for transportation monitoring of all types of goods. How often does cargo suffer damage during transport, whether as a result of jolts and shocks or fluctuations in temperature, pressure or humidity?  Proof of causation and damage is usually extremely difficult, if not impossible, simply because the necessary facts are missing.

This issue can be solved by small, electronic MSR175 data loggers, which accompany the cargo during transport and accurately record varying parameters that contribute to a damage event for later analysis. All of which is installed in a waterproof plastic case and can be reused many times over.

These compact MSR175 data loggers are barely the size of a thumb and are manufactured by Swiss MSR Electronics GmbH. In order to record events causing damage, they feature high-performance sensors combined with sophisticated storage and evaluation electronics. Their data provide the necessary facts to verify the perpetrators of damage or to further optimise transport packaging. For whatever reason these small loggers are used, they help to optimise transport processes, minimise the consequences of damage and ultimately save costs.

Collecting important data – even over a period of several weeks

Regarding the technology: The two 3-axis acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±100 g) inte-grated in the MSR175 data logger record critical events, such as shocks and knocks, at a measurement frequency of up to 6,400 measurements/s.

The transportation data logger has a memory capacity of over two million stored measured values, which is sufficient for recording a minimum of 1,000 shocks – over a period of several weeks. In addition, the MSR175 measures and records temperature profiles from -20° to +65°C. A second type variant of this data logger is available with three further internal sensors – one humidity, one light and one pressure sensor – supplying additional useful transportation data. These cost-effective “data detectives” are available worldwide from over 80 MSR sales partners.

Easy-to-use: Start the logger, evaluate the data, save costs

The software package for the MSR175 data logger includes the “MSR Dashboard“, the “MSR ReportGenerator“ and the “MSR ShockViewer“. The MSR175 Dashboard allows to configure the loggers with just a few mouse clicks. The measured data recorded by the logger can be quickly transferred to a computer via the USB port. A single click on the MSR Report Generator is sufficient to call up a compact report.  For the detailed analysis and graphical representation of the data, the MSR ShockViewer analysis software is included in the software package.

All in all: MSR175 data loggers are Swiss-built, high-quality electronic instruments that feature miniature technology and sophisticated analysis software. Its compact and versatile design proves its worth in many areas of industrial engineering, machine building and not least in the transport and logistics industry. By accurately documenting mechanical and physical events on a cargo – especially in retrospect to prove damage – these loggers help to reveal the cause, time and exact damage data. Using the MSR175 loggers helps to accurately identify problem events and thus save significant costs.


Source: MSR Electronics

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