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IoT Remote Monitoring System for Pumps

IoT Remote Monitoring System for Pumps

Wilden, part of PSG, a Dover company of specialty pumps, introduce with Wilden Safe Guard, an air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump Internet of Things (IoT) enabled remote performance monitoring and alert system.

The all-inclusive pump-monitoring system remotely tracks, records and alerts customers to key performance indicators – such as leak detection, stroke rate and total stroke count – of AODD pumps during operation. It provides real-time alerts via SMS or email to indicate any noteworthy change in operations that may be a precursor to or indicators of component failure. Wilden Safe Guard also provides the ability to store maintenance records to help identify patterns to further enhance preventative maintenance plans. The Wilden Safe Guard solution has been designed to monitor a single pump or a fleet of AODD pumps within one dedicated software system.

The single battery-powered sensor of the monitoring and alert system mounted directly onto the pump. This sensor collects and analyzes pump-performance data in real-time and transmits it to a central gateway for encryption and transmission to the Cloud. Once stored on the Cloud, real-time and historic operational information can be accessed by the user anywhere in the world through a secure smartphone app or online portal.



Source: WILDEN

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